Settlement is an important financial and legal transaction. Being prepared ahead of time will help you to focus on signing documents at settlement to make sure that everything is accurate and complete.

Following this checklist will help ensure your closing is completed without a hitch:

  • Complete and return any requests for information from your lender, title company, and/or realtor.
  • Confirm what documents, ID (government-issued photo ID such as driver’s license), or other paperwork you need to bring with you and who needs to be present at settlement based on title and loan paperwork.
  • Check with your realtor to make sure that the title company has all contract addendums. If powers of attorney are needed, be sure they have been requested, received, and executed prior to settlement.
  • Review your sales contract to ensure that you have done everything necessary before closing.

Download the Pre-Settlement Checklist

Verify correct bank wiring information.  Logan Title takes wire fraud seriously and does not provide wiring instructions via email unless on the phone with each client to verify receipt.  Wire instructions do not change along the process.  Logan Title is not liable for any misdirected funds that do not reach our escrow accounts.