When you are selling property, it’s important that you:

  • Confirm with your realtor that the title company has all contract addendums, especially pertaining to changes in sales price or any credits.
  • Review your sales contract again to ensure that you have done everything required according to the contract prior to closing.
  • Confirm who will be attending closing with you (i.e. real estate agent, loan officer, seller, etc.) as often not everyone is required to be there at the same time or at all.
  • Make sure you let your lender and title company know if you’d like to review documents before your closing. Loan documents are prepared by your lender, so you may need to request those directly. Most title companies will provide advance copies of any documents they have.
  • Be prepared to bring accurate wiring instructions with you to settlement if you would like to have your proceeds wired.

Download the Logan Title Presettlement Checklist for Sellers